NSS-CDS Training Program


Thank you, Divers Alert Network

If like the overwhelming majority of NSS-CDS Instructors, you obtain your professional liability insurance through Divers Alert Network (DAN), you’ve already received notification that your liability coverage has been extended for another 90 days at no charge. You may be wondering, however, if you need to notify the CDS Training Program of this happy fact. The short answer is No, you don’t.

  • If you are currently in Teaching status with the CDS (i.e., you are listed on the website), we already have a copy of your insurance certificate and have listed the expiration date of the policy in our instructor database.
  • We are going through this month and automatically adding 90 days to the expiration data of everyone who has their insurance through DAN.

So, in other words, you needn’t do anything. We have you covered. You will, however, need to renew your coverage when it does expire and make sure the Section gets a copy of your 2020-2021 insurance certificate.

When renewing with DAN, you can select the NSS-CDS as one of your additional insureds from a list of available organizations. You can also arrange to have DAN forward a copy of your insurance certificate directly to the CDS, saving you an extra step.

If you are switching to DAN from another insurance carrier, you only need to put down 25 percent of the premium, with the balance due in 90 days. This offer is good through July 31.

The DAN Insurance program has been very good to the Section in the past year. Some of this may stem from the fact the head of DAN’s professional liability insurance program, Shelli Wright, is a fellow cave diver and visits us regularly here in Florida.

Shelli also went out of her way to visit the CDS booth at this past year’s DEMA Show. We can’t remember any other insurance providers ever doing that.