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Renew now and save

If you act now, you can renew your annual NSS-CDS instructor membership for just $35 and complete the process online in five minutes or less.

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No DEMA? No problem.

By now you must likely know there will be now 2020 DEMA Show. This represent a significant cost savings, but it also represents a loss of opportunity. How can you make up for that?

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New student survey

The more data you have and the more accurate that data is, the greater the likelihood you will make good decisions. We have a new tool which will help us do that. (3/3/20)

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Max Kuznetsov Platform Statement

When the new Board takes office in June, Max Kuznetsov will assume the role of Training Chairan. Here is what he has to say about the past, present and future of the NSS-CDS Training Program. (2/28/20)

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