NSS-CDS Training Program

2021 Instructor Renewal

If you meet the eligibility requirements, your 2021 instructor renewal may take less than five minutes. Just follow these steps:

Step One: Determine your eligibility

To qualify for immediate renewal, you must have:

  • Made at least twelve non-training-related cave dives.
  • Certified at least two NSS-CDS Cave Divers or assisted another CDS Instructor with the training of four such divers.

If factors related to the COVID-19 pandemic have prevented you from doing so, you can apply for a one-time waiver of these requirements. To do so, click here. Do not submit this renewal application until you have your waiver in hand.

Step Two: Watch the update video

If you have not done this already, it will only take two minutes. Clicking on this link will open the video in a new tab or window. Then you can return here and proceed to Step Three.

Step Three: Complete the renewal application

Use the form below to update your contact information, if needed, and to confirm you’ve met all the basic requirements for renewal. When you click the Submit button, you’ll go to a page where you can pay US$85 covering your instructor renewal and CDS membership for the coming year. (It’s just $35, however, if you renew now.) Once you’ve done this, both your CDS membership and instructor status will be renewed through December 31, 2021.