NSS-CDS Training Program

Digital card

Digital cards for everyone

When you renewed as an NSS-CDS Instructor for 2020, among the things we sent you was a digital instructor card to store with the other photos on your phone. Calling this up is often faster and easier than having to fish through your wallet or purse for a plastic card.

  • Starting now, we’re issuing the same sort of card to all NSS-CDS divers when you register them. This happens automatically and there is no additional charge for this.
  • Depending on where your students live, plastic cards can take a week or more to arrive by mail. Digital cards provide students with proof of training much sooner.

NSS-CDS Business Manager Adam Hughes processes student registrations at least once a week. Digital cards go out at this time. If you need to provide students with proof of training sooner than this:

  • Supply Apprentice Cave Diver course graduates with the Apprentice Cave Diver Statement of Understanding. We have yet to come across any public or private dive site that does not accept this as proof of training. This is a form you should give all your Apprentice course graduates.
  • For other courses, you can download NSS-CDS temporary cards from the CDS website. These are designed to print on standard Avery business card stock.

The Section is constantly looking for ways to better serve our instructors. This is just one of them.