NSS-CDS Training Program



This course is the logical companion to the Underwater Cave Surveying program. It shows you how to turn your survey data into beautiful and compelling underwater cave maps.

This course introduces the basics of underwater cave map making. It teaches you how to complete the survey process by producing an actual map. The course includes:

  • A brief review of surveying technique
  • Manual and computer-aided data reduction
  • Verifying data and correcting for errors
  • Necessary materials and supplies
  • Transforming data into a finished map

The course is open to anyone with an interest in underwater cave mapping. We expect participants to have a knowledge of cave diving and underwater surveying. While we discuss underwater activities and techniques, there is no actual diving. Training generally takes the better part of a day.

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Course Standards

Form These are the standards instructors must follow when teaching this course. It includes information on student and instructor prerequisites, course content, skill requirements and limits of training.