NSS-CDS Training Program



New student survey

The more data you have and the more accurate that data is, the greater the likelihood you will make good decisions. We have a new tool which will help us do that. (3/3/20)

New site

New website looks better, works better

The entire NSS-CDS website is undergoing a major overhaul. The first step? A brand-new subdomain devoted solely to the CDS Training Program. This new site is up now. It provides a better user experience and a better job of answering visitor questions. And you’ll like what it does for instructors. (10/3/19)


New standards, better divers

The NSS-CDS Board has approved one of the most significant standards changes in the past several decades. These changes will both improve the quality of CDS students and better reflect how our instructors teach today. (9/13/19)